A communiqué issued at the end of the 1st Session of the 13th Synod of the Diocese of Egba, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) held from Thursday 25th day of April, 2013 to Sunday 28th day of April, 2013 at the Silver Jubilee Multipurpose Hall, Bishopscourt, Onikolobo, Abeokuta.

The Synod with the theme: The Tripod of Effective Church Ministry; Teaching, Preaching and Healing (Matthew 4:23-25, 9:35-38 and 3John 2) having been duly constituted was presided over by the Diocesan Bishop and the President of the Synod, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Oludaisi Adekunle M. Ed, (G & C) M. Div, Dip. Th.) and Bishop of Egba Diocese at the beginning of His Second Synod as the Diocesan Bishop in Egba. He was assisted by the Registrar and other Diocesan Officials.

Below are the resolutions of the Synod:-


  1. The Synod considered that Church Ministry can only be effective with a combination of teaching and preaching the gospel as well as in healing, as was successfully conducted by our Lord Jesus Christ. Accordingly, it resolved that Churches should embark on sound teaching of the tenets and doctrines of Christianity and the norms, practices and traditions of our societies, to inculcate good moral values in our Children and Youths.
  2. The Synod resolved that the Diocese should intensify efforts at planting more Churches and encourage members of the Clergy and Laity to work together to ensure a true development of the Church.
  • Establishment of Church Clinics:- Churches in the Diocese have been encouraged to establish Church clinics and Rural Hospitals and make them to be within the reach of members to enhance their health status along healing services/ministration in their respective Church programmes.
  1. National/State Issues
  2. The Synod believed in peaceful co-existence of all Nigerians irrespective of political, religious or social differences and it promised to ensure adherence to this principle within the Diocese. It therefore advised the President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, GCFR, to ensure that this sacred requirement is upheld nationally and that it is not sacrificed at the altar of political expediency. The Synod called for caution on the proposed amnesty to the members of the Islamic Fundamentalist Group (Boko Haram), noting that the amnesty could encourage acts of holocaust and genocide with the undertone of religious and tribal cleansing. The Synod also frowned at granting state pardon to political and public office holders convicted of corruption charges because doing so may portray Nigeria as an unserious nation that is encouraging corruption. Rather, efforts should be intensified at specific projects that would have positive impact on the life of Nigerians.
  3. The Synod noted with pleasure the transformation being witnessed in Ogun State particularly on the urban renewal projects. As a corollary, a number of residential buildings, business stalls and places of worship were demolished in the process. It therefore called on the State Government to continue speedy and adequate payment of compensation to all affected people and institutions to ameliorate their suffering.
  • The Synod also recommended that the ongoing Infrastructural Development of the Ogun State Government should be replicated in the area of Health and Education. It also noted that education is the major industry in the state, to which more private investors should be invited. The Leadership Training Programme of the wife of the State Governor for students in the Public Secondary Schools is commended but should be made to include students of Private Secondary Schools.
  1. Effect of Quarrying Activities:- The Synod observed with reservation the un-intended effect of quarrying activities going on in some part of the state, and the attendant environmental consequence to the immediate host community. The Synod therefore appealed to the agency of Government concerned to call operators of quarrying activities to order to abate hardship and destruction.
  2. Homosexualism and Lesbianism:- The Synod also frowned at the strange practice of homosexualism and lesbianism because it is alien to our culture and contradicts the words of God.