The communiqué issued at the end of the 2ndSession of the 14thSynod of the Diocese of Egba, Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) held from Thursday 27th day of April, 2017 to Sunday 30th  day of April, 2017 hosted bySt Stephen’s Anglican Church, Ilugun (Ita-Elega), Abeokutaheld at the Jubilee Multipurpose Hall, Bishop’s Court, Onikolobo, Abeokuta.


The second session of the fourteenth Synod with the theme: THE COVENANT KEEPING GOD (Genesis 13:14-17; 15: 17-21; 17: 1-14; 2 Chronicles 6: 14-15) was hosted by St Stephen’s Anglican Church, Ilugun (Ita-Elega), Abeokuta at the eighth year of the consecration of the Diocesan Bishop, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Oludaisi Adekunle M. Ed, (G & C) M. Div. Dip. Th.), who doubles as the President of the Synod. He was assisted by the Chancellor, the Registrar and other Diocesan Officials with all Synod Delegates in attendance.


Below are the resolutions of the Synod:-


  1. Evangelism

The Synod examined in its entire ramification the theme THE COVENANT KEEPING GOD (Genesis 13:14-17; 15: 17-21; 17: 1-14; 2 Chronicles 6: 14-15).Covenant was identified as the basis of relationship between God and man.God is God of covenant that keeps and abides by His words. Christians are urged to learn to keep their words both as leaders and the led. The Synod further emphasized tithing as a way of keeping covenant with God.

  1. Church Dissident

The Synod observed with deep concern the activities of a group of dissidents from the Church of Nigeria that recently surfaced and are parading themselves as the “Orthodox Anglican Communion”. The group sets up a branch within Abeokuta and the See of Egba.

The Synod dissociates itself from all its activities because the group has nothing in common with the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion). It accordingly directs that all priests and the congregation of Egba Anglican Diocese, in accordance with the decision of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), SHALL steer clear of the emerging group in all ways and manners.

  1. State Issues

The Synod thanked the State Government under the leadership of Senator Ibikunle Amosun, CON, FCA, for the support given to the diocese during the hosting of the Standing Committee of Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) in February 2017.

It noted and praised the vigour, confidence and sincerity with which the Governor has approached his second term in office. The Synod observed with satisfaction that the State government is taking necessary steps to complete the projects which it embarked upon during the first term of this administration. The efforts of the State Government at reconstructing some township roads in the State are immensely appreciated. However, the Synod hopes that these new projects would be completed before the end of the tenure of this administration.

The Ogun State House of Assembly

The Synod is full of appreciation to the honourable members of the Ogun State House of Assembly for promulgating the“prohibition of forcible occupation of landed properties, armed robbery, kidnapping, cultism and other Anti-violence and related offences law 2016 (Agbara t’o S’egun Awon Aja’gun gba’le)” for supporting the Ogun State government at evoking peace and developments. It commends that unison of purpose and the Synod therefore resolves to assist them with prayers.

  1. National Issues
  2. The health condition of the President: President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR

In adherence to the biblical injunction (1Timothy 2: 1-2)……… that prayers,  intercessions and giving of thanks be made for all men, for kings, and all who are in authority” the Synod resolved to assist the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria with prayers and intercessions for restoration of his health. It holds the firm belief that God will perfect his health and give him total restoration.


  1. Sickle Cell Anaemia

The Synod educated delegates on the incidence of sickle cell anaemia and advises intending couples to ascertain their genotype before marriage. It also urges the legislative arms of government at various levels to enact laws that will make it mandatory for would-be couples to undergo genotype compatibility test before marriage to avoid challenges associated with it.

  • Salaries and Allowances of Political Office holders

The Synod noted with serious concern the outrageous salaries and allowances allotted to our political office holders at all levels in spite of the unpleasant economic situation of the Country and recommends a holistic downward review.


  1. Insecurity and Insurgency

The Synod took cognizance of the efforts of the gallant men of the armed forces at suppressing the menace of insurgency in the country and in the rescue of a sizable number of the abducted Chibok girls. It praised and thanked the federal government for that accomplishment but further urges the government to observe no respite until total peace is restored in the affected areas and all captors regained their freedom.


  1. Economy

The Synod commended the actions taken by the federal government which are directed at revitalizing and strengthening the economy especially, in raising the value of naira in international market. It urges government to further intensify action in this respect and ensure that unemployment among the youth is seriously tackled to diffuse negative potentials in them.

It further commended the efforts of the federal government at recovering looted funds. It advises that such funds should be ploughed back into the economy to produce a salutary effect.





  1. Fight against corruption

The Synod appreciates all various measures being put in place by the federal government at reducing the rate at which corruption is growing. It applauds the whistle blowing policy newly introduced and encourages it sustenance.


  1. Global Issues

Global Terror and Xenophobic Attack

The Synod condemns in its entirety all the various terrorist activities across the globe especially the reoccurrence of xenophobia in South Africa targeted at Nigerian immigrants. It recommends prompt action of the Nigerian government to rescue Nigerian nationals that are victims of these dastardly acts and urges all to come closer to God in total repentance.


  1. Agriculture

The Synod also inaugurated a seven-man Committee to work out modalities for the establishment of Diocesan Farmers’ Cooperative groups.





Rt. Rev. Emmanuel Oludaisi Adekunle, M. Ed.; M. Div.; Dip. Th.

Diocesan Bishop




Hon. Chief Benjamin Oludare Ogunmodede, LL. B;B. L

Diocesan Registrar




Ven. Folarin Ayodeji Olukunmi Adekunle, M. Div.; M. Sc.; B. L; Dip. Th.

Synod Secretary