As part of the evangelical agenda of the diocese, the Diocesan, Rt. Revd. Emmanuel Oludaisi Adekunle with his entourage paid an episcopal visit to All Souls Archdeaconry on the 25th to 26th of May, 2017.

The visit started with Foundation Laying and confirmation service at the Church of Ascension, Laderin. At the church, the diocesan donated 100 bags of cement towards the success of the project as he exhorted the church to look up to God for help. He continued by telling them that God is always in the business of making the impossible possible. More than thirty people were confirmed on that day to the glory of God.

On the second day, the visit continued to the archdeaconry seat at All Souls Church, Ibara where the bishop dedicated the Marque meant for the children department of the church. He likewise dedicated books donated by a member of the church to be used by the children. The visit continued to St. Barnabas Oloke Meji. The bishop challenged the church to start small with the projects they are set to embark on.

Later, the entourage moved to Ijeun Likosi. The members there explained the challenge of the church to the diocesan and he promised to readily make research for land for the church. St. Stephens Magbon was the next point of call; the members were indeed delighted to make the bishop in their midst and they told the diocesan their challenges which he promised to proffer solutions to. New churches created in the archdeaconry by St. Andrew’s Church, Hilltop were also visited. These churches are

Holy Trinity Anglican Church Basala

Despite the distance of this settlement to the major road, they were elated to see the bishop. They met his the diocesan and his entourage some miles to the place the church was situated. They danced all the way there expressing their joy to God. The bishop prayed for them and encouraged them to be fervebt in the Lord.

Anglican Church of Pentecost, Tomo

Although this church was founded a year ago, the church members gladly came out to welcome the bishop to the church. At the church, the diocesan encouraged them and offered episcopal prayers on them.

Rev. John Wood Anglican Church

This church met the diocesan and his entourage with songs and jubilations that could be heard miles away. The Lord bishop also joined them in worshipping the Lord. They were quite wonderful as they pleaded with the bishop to spend more time with them. The bishop prayed for them and also visited the Baale of the village who was happy to have the bishop in their village.

St. Thomas Anglican church Gbege.

At this village, the diocesan listened to the needs of the church as they pleaded to the bishop on the need for a borehole to supply water to them. HE prayed for them and promised to remember the in his prayers.

The final stop of the episcopal visit to All Souls Archdeaconry was at St. Andrews Church, Hilltop. The diocesan charged priests and members to be people of vision and he urged them to be diligent in whatsoever was placed in their care.

In appreciation of the diocesan visiti to the archdeaconry, the People’s Warden of All Souls Church, MR. Ade Dacosta and the Archdeacon, Ven. F.A.O. Adekunle lauded the bishop for the gesture of love extended to the churches. Afterwards, the diocesan prayed for the archdeaconry.