The Dioceesan, Rt. Rev. Emmanuel O. Adekunle visited the Ijemo Archdeaconry on the 9th of July, 2017 where he confirmed more than 55 people. Also at the confirmation service, he dedicated an electronic Organ to be used by the church. He continued the visit on the 12th of July, 2017 where he paid a courtesy visit to Christ the King, Ijemo Agbadu where the members told the diocesan on the burden in their heart to purchase a plot of land beside the church for the building of the vicarage and the Diocesan promised look into it. The Bishop and his entourage proceeded to St. Stephens, Ajagbohun. There, the diocesan encouraged the members to be firm in the Lord and contine to work zealously for the Lord not minding the challenges they might be facing as he asked Mr. Sunday Adesina to examine the foundation laying structure in the church.

At, Church of Resurrection,Idi Aba, the Diocesan met a daunting challenge facing the members of the church and he proffered solution to it. He offered Episcopal prayers for the church and archeacnry as the visit ended by 1: 35pm.