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At the advent of Christianity in Nigeria, the first organized congregation was founded in January 4, 1843 when Mr. Henry Townsend (later Revd. Townsend) came into Abeokuta on the invitation of some Christian-returnees from Sierra Leone. The church established at that time has since metamorphosed into what we know today as the Cathedral Church of St. Peter, Ake, Abeokuta. Initially, it was called Ake Church, built in 1844 and burnt down 1846. Its second structure known as Exeter Church was dedicated on March 21, 1847.

This was the first building to be covered with corrugated iron sheets. By 1898 the third church building came under construction, completed, dedicated and named St. Peter’s Church, Ake on February 1, 1900. It was popularly called ‘church idi tower’ in the twentieth century. It was from here that missionary ventures took off to Lagos, Ibadan and other hinterland of Yorubaland and that of Nigeria. Its compound accommodates the first educational institution in the country: St. Peter’s Anglican School founded in 1846; it is the citadel of civilization in Nigeria. Some of the vital information in the annals of the first church in Nigeria are:

  •  The first baptism into Christianity                                –           February 5, 1848
  • The first Christian marriage                                            –           August 28, 1853
  • The first confirmation service by Bishop Vidal             –           November 8, 1854
  • The first ordination service by Bishop Brown               –           March 17, 1859.

Names of the past Vicars of the church from inception to date:

  1. The Revd. Henry Townsend
  2. The Revd. William Odusina Moore
  3. The Revd. D. Williams
  4. The Revd. John Burkley Wood
  5. The Revd. D. O. Williams
  6. The Revd. Canon Josiah Jesse Ransome Kuti
  7. Ven. Samuel Adeola Delumo
  8. Ven. Ronald Adekunle Ashley Dejo
  9. Very Revd. Adeneye Olufemi Olomodosi
  10. Very Revd. James Afolabi Popoola (now bishop of Osun)
  11. Very Revd. Prof. Adebayo Akinde(now bishop of Lagos Mainland)
  12. Very Revd. Emmanuel Oludaisi Adekunle (the current bishop, Egba)
  13. Very Revd. Isaac Adeyemi Adeniji
1843 -1863
1869 – 1876
1876 – 1889
1889 – 1897
1897 – 1911
1911 – 1930
1931 – 1955
1956 – 1970
1971 – 1989
1990 – 2000
2000 – 2006
2006 – 2008
2008 to date

This is the church of which diocese of is a function part since its inception in 1979. The literature on vision of the church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion) remains the Reference article for the diocese.

Diocese of Egba was inaugurated on August 3, 1979 and the following bishops had served in diverse capacities:

  1. Bishop Jonathan Soremi Adeniyi (1976-1979)
  2. Bishop Titus Ilori Akintayo (1980-1994)
  3. Bishop Mattew Oluremi Owadayo (1995-2009)
  4. Bishop Emmanuel Oludaisi Adekunle (2009-to date)

The efforts of our past bishops and fathers especially those that had translated into glory, the Diocese can boast of various achievements such as:

  • The recovery of the present site of the Bishops court;
  • The repossession and demarcation of its boundary;
  • The erection of the new Cathedral Church Building;
  • The establishment of the diocesan Secondary School;
  • The erection of the new bishop’s House;
  • Investment in various blue chips companies through the purchase of share, to give the diocese a sound financial base;
  • Erection of diocesan silver jubilee multipurpose hall;
  • Establishment of natural water bottling industry;
  • Structural developments in various parishes;

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